I suppose when you go to see a tribute band you know what you’re getting. In the case of bands that no longer exist, ie., “The Beatles” and “Led Zeppelin”, this is the only way you can see this music performed live.  Unfortunately, The Cars now fall into that category. 

I went to Daryl's House in Pawling NY, and caught a Cars Tribute Band called DRIVE-The Cars Tribute.  I noticed right away there were a couple of things that set them apart from other Cars Tribute Bands that I had seen.  

One was the front person Mary Beth Cronin (that’s right, Ric Ocasek is performed by a woman) who has a charming down to earth personality. The other, is the band itself is populated by a WRECKING CREW of fantastic musicians.  

The song selection is exactly what you thought it would be. All of The Cars Greatest Hits, along with some deep cuts and a few unexpected surprises.  The highlight of the evening was their rendition of You Might Think, coupled with a cover of Gary Numan's In Cars.  The show is fast moving and the band is tight.  

Mary Beth's stage patter is funny and charming.  At one point she goes into the audience and sang among the crowd.  

The song Drive from where the band gets its name was also a highlight.  Other songs included:  Let the Good Times Roll, Shake it Up, Let's Go, Magic, Moving in Stereo and of course My Best Friends Girl.  

I think if you are a Cars fan (or even if you are not), you would be hard pressed to find a better night of solid rock-n-roll.  Their show ran for One Hour and Forty Five minutes and the audience seemed very pleased on the way out.  

The name of the band again is DRIVE-The Cars Tribute.


Patrick Horgan 

(Screenwriter/Assoc. Producer/Music Producer of  the Film “Dr. Orb”, Record Producer, Talent Agent, Talent Buyer, Former A & R at Sire Records).